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2017 16h  Belgian/Curly cross gelding

ATTENTION!!!  Sven has been consigned to the Billings Livestock Sale January 2020 ONLINE SALE.  This means he will stay safe at home in Bozeman while you can bid on him online in the comfort of your own home!  *Bidding opens at 12 noon MST Jan 21 and closes 6 p.m Jan 23rd.  

To register for bidding and find out more information:

Sven is a 2017 draft cross gelding by a Belgian stud and out of a Curly mare. We purchased Sven as a long yearling, did groundwork as a two year old and started him under saddle late summer of his three year old year. This gelding is without a doubt the most charismatic, sweet and charming horse on the property. Sven has been very easy to start; no buck, bolt, or anything naughty in the least. He’s always waiting at the gate to be caught, absolutely adores humans, gets along great with other horses, and is so easy to have around. At this point in his training he has a basic foundation: walk/trot/lope, left/right, forwards/backwards, rides in a halter or snaffle. He hobbles, has had a pack saddle on, can pony other horses or be ponied,  loads in the trailer, bathes, clips and ties.  No "fancy" training yet, but he has absolutely no negative baggage or bad habits and is ready to go on and get mileage and be finished. Metaphorically speaking, the main cake has been baked, now you can add whatever frosting and decorations you’d like! Sven has been 100% sound, has excellent feet and is good for the farrier. Be sure to watch his video- it's un-edited and completely authentic to exactly where he's at right now. Feel free to call for more information! Located in Bozeman, MT. (406) 599-3879 


2017 Draft Cross Gelding

16.3 hands (a shade under)

Size 5 shoe


 Available for private purchase

Located in Bozeman, MT



GUS 2017 Draft Cross Gelding 16.3h (just a shade under) Size 5 shoe

If you think you might be interested in Gus, PLEASE read ALL of his info, and watch his ENTIRE video. After that, if you feel like you’re still seriously interested contact me and I’d love to chat with you about him.

Disclaimer: To those people who are looking for a lighter framed delicate flower of a horse, this horse is not for you. To the people that are looking for a horse with extreme speed, high energy levels, gazelle-like quickness or Olympic level athleticism, this horse is not for you. If you are wanting to buy a 3 yr old horse and put no time, training or effort into it but expect it to ride and act exactly the same for the next ten years, please go buy a motorcycle.

If you like a BIG, KIND, calm, even tempered horse with a lovely docile disposition and a low reactivity level, a horse that adores humans, loves attention and tries his hardest every time, has a super solid training foundation and has room to progress and develop in his training and will yes… continue to get physically bigger as well, this horse might be for you!!!


Gus. He’s a 3 yr. old draft cross, however we do not know what type of draft cross his is. We purchased him un-started in May 2019. That summer/fall we did groundwork, put a few rides on him and turned him back out. He was officially “started” March of 2020, and has been in consistent training since. He was EXTREMELY easy to start and has been ridiculously easy though the entire process. The majority of his time has been spent in the mountains. He’s been on at least 7 different camping trips this summer, and is no stranger to rugged terrain, steep rocky trails, downfall, bogs, creeks and river crossings. So far, he has crossed everything without a second thought. I personally get pretty nervous in boggy situations, but he couldn’t care less about them and doesn’t get anxious in the least. He LOVES water crossings, it is more of a challenge to get him OUT of the water as he’ll stand in it and drink, gargle, splash and play all day if you let him. He’s perfectly comfortable leading calmly out in front heading up a trail or is just as content to toodle along in the back of the line. Back at camp, he hobbles with no fuss, high-lines overnight, and is very respectful of a single strand electric fence. I let him wander loose to graze around camp, he doesn’t go far and is just like having a big dog around. You might need to chase him out of the kitchen though! Traveling with Gus is a breeze, he practically loads himself into the trailer and never has any issues with eating or drinking along the trip. Note: he does drink and eat A LOT. Back at home Gus has a good arena foundation. He walk/trots/lopes nicely, picks up his leads, and is learning about hip and shoulder control along with lateral movement. He has a nice stop and back and is more of a push-style horse although he is relatively sensitive and is developing softness. He has also been ground-driven and would be a fantastic candidate for driving. He has been ridden down the road and is comfortable with cars, fourwheelers, tractors, dogs, bikes, etc. He ties well, has never pulled back, bathes and clips easily and in general is just a nice easy guy to have around. I just can’t say enough about how truly kindhearted and special Gus is. His disposition, looks and build make him a unique individual is going to make someone a once in a lifetime equine partner.

Possibly willing to entertain *reasonable* and respectful offers.

Pre-purchase exams are welcome at the buyer's expense.


If you are seriously interested in Gus, give me a call, I’d love to chat with you about him.  


2015 Percheron/Friesian cross gelding.

16.3 hands

Consigned to sell at Cowgirl Cadillacs Horse Sale in Wickenburg, AZ  Feb 22, 2020


This gelding has the kindest soul and sweetest disposition.  We purchased Legend as an un-started 3yr old, and have done every aspect of his training, from his first ride, all the way to reining clinics, riding drill at rodeos, cow work, ranch horse competitions, Working Equitation and parades.  He has been an absolute gentleman to work with the entire way; he has never offered to buck, bolt, do anything naughty, and has zero “baggage,” bad habits or unknown elements.  While he is certainly a big boy, he is very athletic and has an excellent handle on him; he has a good stop, rides one handed or on a direct rein, has a nice turnaround, lovely lateral movement, shoulder and hip control,  and soft, balanced transitions.  He’s calm,  relaxed and enjoyable to ride in the mountains and through rough terrain as he is thoughtful about where he puts his feet, and safely and calmly navigates the boggy areas, water crossings, over bridges and downfall. He packs flags, ponies colts, opens and closes gates, picks you up off of a the mounting block and stands still while you climb on, and is traffic safe.  He has been shown in Working Equitation, mounted drill team, parades, ranch horse versatility, cattle sortings, helped start colts, been  ridden to the bar,  and has been a lesson horse for adult and kid lessons. I trust Legend with complete beginners in the arena, if he's confused about what they're asking, he just stops.  He is tries sooooo hard to please his human, and is such a special horse.  This guy is really going to be missed.  He's the guy I go to for a relaxing therapeutic ride after a stressful day; you can't help but be happy when you're around him, he truly has a gift.    Legend has the disposition and personality  to be someone’s big loving puppy, but the has the education, talent and ability to easily go be in the ribbons at shows. He already has lived up to his name, this boy is and will be Legendary.   


2015 Friesian Cross Gelding

Sire: Friesian Dam: Thoroughbred/Shire

15 hands

Consigned to sell at Cowgirl Cadillacs Horse Sale in Wickenburg, AZ Feb 22, 2020


 Oh Romeo.  He leaves the ladies smitten and is always noticed (and drooled over) wherever he goes.  This gelding is such a character (and a bit quirky) with a huge personality along with great presence and charisma.  He is an extremely bold energetic and forward horse that is always up for a challenge and is an absolute blast to have as a teammate. We purchased Romeo two years ago unstarted and have done all of his training; he has zero “unknowns,” bad habits or baggage.  This boy is 100% comfortable riding out on his own and doesn’t need any other horses around to rely on or get confidence from.  Romeo is extremely smart and loves variety, learning new things, adventures, and new challenges.  He is not a horse that would be a fit for a beginner rider who wants to walk circles in the arena for the next three years.   For the person that likes to ride out, take adventures, likes variety and learning new things with their horse and is likes riding a forward and energetic horse,  this guy is for you!  He is 100% fine riding with others as well but exhibits more confidence than most at operating out alone. Romeo has BIG gorgeous movement that would lend itself to excel in English disciplines beautifully.  He is very soft and sensitive, has great shoulder and hip control,  lateral movement, balanced transitions, and can collect and extend all of his gaits.  Romeo has been used on many camping and pack trips, ponies a pack string with no problem, has been shown in  Working Equitation, done mounted drill, packed flags, used for advanced kid and adult lessons and has been in many parades.  He is traffic safe and  brave in tight, chaotic situations.  This gelding would be a serious dressage, three day eventing, or working equitation contender, as well as being extremely competitive in obstacle challenges, endurance riding, or just plain trail and pleasure riding. He is extremely intelligent and dripping with   talent. Between his stunning looks, fancy movement and confident personality, he really is the entire package.  

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