Our Horses

    Our goal is to produce sound-minded, well-rounded horses that can fit into any program and have the foundation to excel in any discipline.  How do we do that? We take our time, the training process is not hurried. Instead, each horse is brought along at it's own speed and no steps are skipped.  This is not a "horse flipping" operation; we take great pride in each animal that we train. These horses do not have holes, vices or bad habits; they become honest well educated individuals.

    The process starts with thorough groundwork. They are taught to move off pressure, move their front and hind end, and become soft and responsive in the halter. They are exposed to various obstacles and learn to approach new situations with confidence and handle potentially frightening situations more safely. During this time they develop respect and trust for people, while not being spoiled or pushy.

   When under saddle, they learn to be soft, supple and responsive to hand, leg, and seat cues. We spend large amounts of time in the mountains letting them learn to navigate rough terrain, cross creeks, bridges and downed timber. After basic manuevers have been mastered (pivots, lateral work, smooth transitions, etc) , they will have a chance to compete in various local competitions, ranging from English and Western Pleasure, horsemanship classes, and trail obstacle challenges.  We do our very best to expose these horses to as many situations as possible, as well as have a firm grasp on how each horse handles certain situations that arise, and address areas that it may need further training or exposure.

   As a result, we have a horse that is safe and respectful on the ground, has a good handle, works off a soft feel, and is a trusting and willing partner.  While we do not believe in the existance of a 100% "Bombproof" horse, we do our best to prepare each animal with all of the tools it needs to be a "thinker" instead of "reactor." Through training, we can facilitate each horse to be as safe, willing, and easy to get along with as possible.  Please keep in mind, a young horse is still a young horse, as said before,  100% "bombproof" is not realistic.  If you buy a Skogen-Barnette horse, you can be confident in the quality of horse you are investing in;  it is  then your responsibility as an owner and rider to  maintain your horse's quality of training.